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    NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America  …in just 34 years.

    We are killing the Earth

    Forever reblog.


    Is it just me or the US size increased a lot in the last 34 years?

    Alright, time for a fact check.

    First, the image on the left isn’t from 1978, it’s from 2001 (NASA). More importantly, it’s from the summer of 2001, whereas the image on the right is from January 2012. Yes, the Earth did lose that much green, but it does that every year, going from summer to winter.

    Earth Seasons

    NASA didn’t release a photo showing the deforestation of America. They released a photo showing the winter of America.


    Forever reblog” they cried.

    i was going to say: winter is a thing, and most trees don’t like it.

    (via toocooltobehipster)

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    Also the landmasses look a lot bigger on the right idk what thst’s about
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    I feel like that is an image of spring or summer on the left and winter on the right. Not only that, but the color of...
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    It should be noted that deforestation is indeed an issue and Nasa has taken photos showing the effect; the photo...
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